Who is Alban?

Our parish is named after Alban, the first Christian martyr in England.

Shortly after being called as Rector, Father Dennis wrote about Alban in the August 2017 edition of The Sonlight. Below is an excerpt:

Since coming to you in the beginning of July, I keep finding my thoughts drifting toward our patron saint, St. Alban. I think it’s no coincidence that I’ve been called to serve at a parish named for him – Alban has long been a favorite saint of mine. Perhaps it’s his courage, perhaps it’s his faith, but Alban is an exemplar for how a Christian might live into his or her calling and identity as a follower of Jesus.

When he was a pagan, Alban sheltered a Christian priest from persecution in third century Roman England. So impressed with his guest’s prayers and faithfulness, Alban was converted by the priest. Upon learning that magistrates from his town were seeking to arrest the priest, Alban courageously cloaked himself in the priest’s clothing and was taken into custody instead. Alban was brought before the magistrates and boldly proclaimed his newly-found Christian faith saying, “I worship and adore the true and living God who created all things.” Alban’s new identity cost him his life, but his is a story and a faithfulness that Christians have remembered and emulated ever since.

The true and living God is always calling us to that kind of faithfulness, helping us and giving us courage just as he did for Alban. It’s something we’re reminded of at every baptism, which is the Church’s way of recognizing that God gives us a new identity into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
— The Rev. Dennis J. Reid