God’s Dream for St. Alban’s

Dear friends in Christ,

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In the life of the people of God, dreams are often the turning point for a new direction, opportunity, and experience. God has spoken through dreams to show the people of God where to go next and what they should do. As we at St. Alban's continue in a new direction of stewardship and ministry, it is our hope that we can discern as a community and reflect on what God is dreaming for us here and now.

So what is God's dream for St. Alban's? The Vestry, Stewardship Committee, and clergy of St. Alban's believe we are called to use our resources to provide opportunities for worship, ministries, events, and activities that help us participate in the life of God's kingdom and allow each of us to use our unique gifts by serving others in our community.

In order to discern what gifts we as individuals and as a church possess and how we might best use those gifts for ministry, we'd like to hear from you! The information you share with us will help us shape the future of ministries at St. Alban's, and will influence how we allocate our resources in the future.

With our Stewardship Campaign in full swing, we want to ensure we're not just talking about dollars and cents but also about opportunities for the people of St. Alban's to live into God's dream for our community. We hope you'll spend a few minutes on this survey to help us in this important work of discerning God's Dream for St. Alban's.

Yours in Christ,


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